Our Services

We specialize in building and renovation services, including new construction, building additions, and interior renovations. From floors to rooftops, we’ve got you covered!


We offer a variety of delivery methods, from Design-Bid-Build to Program Management to Negotiated Services. No matter the delivery method, we offer top-notch service on all construction projects.


What sets our preconstruction services apart is our ability to anticipate challenges, pre-plan, and estimate solutions. Serving as your eyes and ears, we bring all design and construction elements together with an emphasis on efficiency and “constructability.” As a result, all the pieces of the construction puzzle fit together and deliver maximum value.

Program Management

Effective program management is every bit as important as construction quality. For clients who need it, we offer full program and construction management from concept to completion. That involves managing the design and construction teams to ensure that the final product adheres to standards and the initial vision.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility and an integral part of day-to-day operations at HORUS Construction. In addition to the national safety regulations mandated and monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), HORUS has established an enhanced protocol for all of our jobsites. All HORUS employees take an active interest in safety program participation and are extensively trained to look for, record and correct all unsafe conditions. Our safety mandate is to provide:

      • An accident- and injury-free work environment
      • Protection of the general public
      • Reduction of costs associated with accident losses
      • Control of unintentional production interruptions
Project Management

Project and construction management services grew directly out of a need for high-level coordination on complex construction projects. Distilled down, construction and project managers coordinate and oversee construction projects from start to finish. This usually occurs from the moment an owner approaches a firm with a potential project, all the way to completion.

Interior Design | Space Planning

Our team will craft unique and remarkable interior design solutions that are creative, environmentally progressive, and have lasting impact. Our designers have knowledge and expertise in commercial interior design. We develop designs that can project your branding and identity and help optimize and maximize your commercial space.

We also know the importance of good space. Our space planners can create something uniquely suited to your business goals, boosting your productivity and setting your property apart from the competition.


Our in-house estimating department is responsible for creating and managing budgets for construction projects. In addition, it delves into the constructability of details such as fire-ratings, limiting heights of metal frame walls, and proper connections.

Construction Management (at Risk)

Although similar in many ways to the traditional general contracting delivery method, Construction Management (at Risk) often enables the contractor to have significant input during the design phase of the project. Working collaboratively with the design team and the owner, we can assist in managing the overall planning, design, schedule, budget, and construction of the project. We operate under an open-book philosophy during the development of the GMP, delivering accurate updates on cost, value engineering, and scheduling throughout the process.

Continuing Services | Job Order Contraction (JOC)

Job Order Contracting (JOC) allows you to cover a number of common construction needs under one contract. This enables faster, easier completion of renovations, repairs, and building projects.

Field Supervision Services

Our qualified superintendents carry a job from start to finish, including daily/weekly scheduling, reviewing submittals, generating RFI’s, scheduling inspections, creating and logging daily reports, and generating and following up on punchout lists.

Project Closeout

Construction project closeout is often overlooked as an essential component of the construction process. In many cases, the project closeout can make or break an otherwise successful project. We start the process early and work closely with you to ensure a smooth, substantial completion.

While the project ends with a successful and timely project closeout, this step should start as early as project conception. Knowing what you are looking for at the end of the project can help streamline this final process. We start assembling closeout documents as early as the procurement and submittal stage to account for all deliverables and ensure a timely turnover at the end.

Self-Performing Trades

HORUS provides a seamless Design-Build process by having the capability to self-perform many of the trades associated with a project. Offering these services in-house keeps the total project to the highest standards of quality, rather than a fractional impression of parts, pieces and trades. It can also save you money.

Our trade capabilities include:

      • Drywall & Metal Framing
      • Concrete Masonry
      • Flooring
      • Specialties
      • Sitework
      • Electrical
      • Painting